About VeloBamboo

VeloBamboo was founded in 2010 to build human-powered vehicles from renewable, local resources. All bikes are handbuilt in Norfolk, Virginia from bamboo harvested in the Tidewater area.  VeloBamboo is dedicated to building vehicles of sustainable living. Contact Velobamboo to bespoke your own bike:


11 responses to “About VeloBamboo

  • abbee

    caught the first part of your demo at the sustainable living fair today (my toddler couldn’t sit still!), and i was really impressed. what does a bamboo bike cost? can you make an adult trike? what would that go for? thanks- abbee.

    • VeloBamboo

      A simple, traditional diamond frame starts at $600. Components start at $150, depending upon how much is upcycled & how much is new.

      I’ve already built one adult trike- a Tandem Tow Trike, a.k.a. Model T3. I used a Worksman trike as my basis.

      What kind of riding are you looking at doing, Abbee? I might have some designs that would work for you.

  • Chris Neikirk

    Hey Wes. Congratulations on all the great press. Bikes look very cool. I hope business is good for you. I’m sure you get this offer a lot, but we have a place up in Williamsburg that has more bamboo that you could use in many years. If you ever run low on bamboo source wood locally, you are more than welcome to take all you need – free of charge – any time, just let me know. It is the most invasive and encroaching plant I have ever seen! Good luck.

  • Jonathan

    Your bamboo bikes are spectacular and I would like to begin the process of listing and selling them on our online store at ASAP. Have a great weekend!

  • Charlotte

    What a great product! Are you ever looking for places or people to buy bamboo from? I’m guessing only a certain type works best for your projects. I need to find out what we have growing in our backyard but we have plenty for the picking if you’re interested!


    • VeloBamboo

      98% of the bamboo I’ve encountered is Golden Bamboo, which is ideally suited for building bikes: it’s the Maple of bamboos: prolific, relatively dense, and easy to work with.

      Unfortunately for you, I don’t generally travel more than thirty miles to harvest bamboo. There’s more than enough growing in Tidewater Virginia. But if you’d like more information about harvesting your own bamboo, I’d be happy to write a blog post about my techniques.

  • Tim

    Love this new site design Wes. Keep up the great work!

    • VeloBamboo

      Thanks, Tim. I think it’s a good sign that it’s getting less frustrating: it took me forever to get Etsy to link up with Facebook & show up as a widget on WordPress. Next up are some Flickr slideshows and YouTube bike construction videos.

  • Tim

    The work you’re doing in Norfolk to promote safe cycling is outstanding and everyday you get to work on what ya love! [I’m jealous.] 🙂 In case you didn’t know – they’ve been working on widening the bike lanes on Shore Drive thru First Landing State Park. Eastbound heading toward the Ocean Front construction has started. Maybe a VeloBamboo bike could lead the first ride when it’s done!

  • Neil Spiers

    Dear Sir,
    I read your article on bambo bikes and I would love to learn more about your business. I am currently looking for a business that I can do at home. Are you looking to expand , franchise, have someone be your understudy. Or sell your training. I am 57 and this business would fit perfectly in my current life style. I have spent the last 35 years in mechanical engineering and I have done projects that are along the theme of taking something old and making it new again. Your business really speaks to me. I hope you will be open to my interest in your business. Thank you for your time. Neil spiers.

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